Frequently Asked Questions


 Where are you located?

  I am based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have added LA/Orange County and San Diego available for 90 min or longer bookings. With advance notice.

 What is the best way to book an appointment?

 The best way is filling out my screening form, but you can email me all the requested information directly.

 What payment forms to you accept?

 I prefer cash. I do take Credit Cards, Square Cash, Gift Cards, Direct wire transfers. A small % fee will be applied to all payments other than cash or giftcards. Please inquiry before the appointment.

 Can I call you?

 I prefer all contact via email.

 When can I expect to hear back from you?

 Please allow me 24 hours, if you haven’t heard back from within that time, I have found that we are not compatible. I generally, find the use of inappropriate language distasteful. 

 Would you meet for drinks/dinner?

I will gladly meet in a public setting, my regular hour rate applies. I do not offer unpaid dates to clients, please refrain from asking.

Are there any types of people you don't see?

Everyone is welcome. I gladly see people of all races, ethnicites and disabilities. I am very flattered each and every time someone reaches out to spend time with me. 

Can I bring a bottle of wine and/or beverage of choice?

I do not drink alcoholic beverages, but I dont mind if you do. My beverage of choice is bottled water.

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