Hello and Welcome,

I am so glad that you found me. I sincerely hope that after reading through the next few pages you will find that I am the perfect companion for you.

I am a mature woman with many sides. I am well cultured, down to earth, genuine and passionate. I thoroughly, enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life. I am grateful for every opportunity to learn and experience something new.

I grew up in the Midwest and you will find that it shines through in my friendliness, manners and laid-back attitude. I have been told that my accent is noticable when I use certain words. I have a genuine compassion for all people.

I believe in creating connections through experiences. With intellectual conversation that stimulates the mind we can find that connection.  I am very attentive making me a great listener. Sometimes, we just want to have the undivided attention of someone. I would love to share a story or two over a nice quiet dinner. I always enjoy listening to others share with me through experiences, thoughts, things that make them happy or just a good funny tale. We all need love and laughter in our lives. 

I am intelligient and well mannered. I always dress and conduct myself appropriately in all situations. I am comfortable in a variety of settings. 

I am very much a free spirit and I dance to my own tune. I believe in living and enjoying life as I see fit and never missing an opportunity that will bring me happiness.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking, the arts, live music, sporting events, living a healthy lifestyle but never afraid to treat myself. I also, love to dance and I would love to salsa with you. Growing up on a lake has made water activities by far my most favorite. Water boarding, skiing, jet skis, wake boarding, wind surfing, snorkeling and boating. I love them all! Water and sunshine feed my soul.

I hope that we will meet and share a great experience together.











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